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You Got It Twisted

// June 6th, 2010 // 5 Comments » // Uncategorized

Kengi3 (2)It seems that I took a break from YOUTUBE at the right time because from what I have seen some people are coming under attack from the all the trolls on YOUTUBE. It’s always funny to me how many people place others on this high as pedestals that they will surely fall down from. I guess in many ways people do this in order to feel better about themselves in some small way. Then when the person does something that they don’t like the person that they’ve placed on this high ass pedestal comes crashing down just like Humpty Dumpty. However this time all the kings horses and all the kings men are not helping to put him back together again. They are kicking him, talking shit about him in order to feel better about themselves once again.

It is also very funny how all the people doing the attacking are so calledFeb.92008013“Christians” or “church building folks” as one youtuber calls them, but when I really look I dont see a difference between the two. They both claim to be “God fearing”, but most of what spews from their lips is evil and hate. How can any of this be pleasing to God? Furthermore how is any of it God like?

I saw someone give a warning to those who are attacking about how God has their back and he will get anyone who attacks them, how God see’s all that is going on. Well if this is true wouldn’t this mean that God also seems the wrong they are doing? Isn’t there some sort of “punishment” for what they do as well? It seems to me that some people think that just because they have a bible that is all marked up, high lighted, written in and beat up looking that this some how makes them a better person then anyone else and therefore gives them the right or green light to attack others, judge others and even mislead others.

MeanMuggin051I think people who read that bible and profess to know the will and word of God should also be very careful about wishing the wrath of God on anyone, because that same wrath will come for them as well. The same God that see’s the bad that others are doing, also sees the bad that they are doing as well and just because their bible looks the way it does is not an exemption from Gods wrath. I went to school with people who had books that were all marked in and high lighted and all of this, but when it came time for a test they didn’t fair so well.

People sometimes has a bad habit of telling or questioning the faith of others,Mebut when you look close at their own walk, their faith is just as bad, if not worse the the very person they are telling what to do. I mean how can you say you trust God or that you’ve taken something to the “heavenly father” but then turn right around and ask man to help you figure things out? Where is this faith that you speak of? Where is this “trust” that you know so much about? I just look at people who use that bible to beat others to see how what they say the know so much about reveals itself in their life. In doing this I have learned that all they do is talk a good game, but when the storms of life come for them, they are all over the map running in fear instead of doing what they claim to do so well….trusting God.

Yeah, I see no difference between “Christians” who shout about who they are and the ones who are “church building folks” In my eyes they are both pretty low down and do an awesome job at turning people away from the message of LOVE that God has for ALL of humanity. They both do an outstanding job at making a mockery of God and causing people to not trust in anything either of them have to say. Moreover, they both should get Oscars for the performances in turning people totally away and off to the message and LOVE of God.

SundayDecemberMEandcompany147People should really just learn to walk on their own path and stay the hell off the paths of others, especially since they do not have a heaven or hell to place anyone in and their life clearly does not line up with what has been written in the bible.

It’s always funny to me how people can quote verses from the bible, from gospel songs and even from people like TD Jakes, Joyce Mayers and all else, but their life shows no real reflection of God, nor does it demonstrate the LOVE of God, but they can quote all day and all night. Sometimes the message that God is sending is for us and not for us to go run and tell others. Last time I checked he was God all by himself, so why in the world would he play whisper down the lane with some screwed up person who is only going to distort his message?

How has a message of LOVE been twisted and turned into so much hatred and evil?

SundayDecemberMEandcompany192If you plan to comment on this blog, do yourself and huge favor and think for yourself. Comment in your own words, not in words you copied from the bible.