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Bad Eyes or Bad Camera?

// June 9th, 2010 // No Comments » // Me Time

Wine & Jazz 002Last night was the kick off for the Wine & Jazz at Hollywood and Highland last night and it was pretty cool kick off. My met Natalie there, but before she arrived I was able to hang out and take some pictures. I also bumped into someone who has been reading my blog for a while now and she offered to get a wine and cheese box for the both of us if I would drink the second glass of wine.

KJAZZ FM sponsors the jazz concerts at Hollywood and Highland and ProjectWine & Jazz 005 Angel Food runs and operates the wine booth with all the proceeds benefiting their organization. For those who don’t know, Project Angel Food is a program that provides awesome meals daily to people who are homebound because of HIV or AIDS and other serous illnesses. For a mere $10 you get two glasses of wine and a snack box of cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit and nuts and ever single cent goes to Project Angel Food. SWEET!!!  I was able to have a really cool conversation with friend, take some cool pictures before Natalie arrived as well as hear some awesome  jazz.

Wine & Jazz 001Natalie arrived around 8PM, but this time I was on the second level enjoying the view. The entertainment was on break, so when she walked over to find me, we too were able to have a cool conversation and catch up a little. She works really long days and we’ve been unable to hang out as much. Having the chance to hang was really cool and once we were done with jazz we grabbed a bite to eat at Mel’s.

I shoot with a Canon Powershot and I have been nothing but happy with thisWine & Jazz 015camera. However I guess I should have asked way more questions when I purchased the camera. I guess this really would not have made a big difference because I purchased it from Fry’s and they don’t have a great reputation for customer service and I am pretty sure they would not have been able to answer any questions that I may have had about the camera.

Wine & Jazz 021I’ve had this camera since late 2007. I lost mine in a fist fight down on Skid Row after the Union Rescue Mission refused to honor a bed ticket they issued. Someone who reads my blog and really likes the pictures I take was kind enough to buy me this camera. Right now I have over 20,000 pictures on my Flickr page, but I know I’ve take far more pictures then this.

Last year before moving into my apartment the lens on my camera startingWine & Jazz 023going out, but the price to replace it is far, far more then I could ever afford. So in order not to let the camera totally die on me, I really started slowing down on the amount of pictures I’ve been taken. Now this has worked for the most part, but in the last three months I’ve seen a huge change in the quality of the pictures I’ve been taking.

Wine and Jazz gave me the chance to really test to see if the camera is going or if my eyes are going. I will say that I think it is a bit of both. LOL. The last month I’ve been going out trying to take some awesome pictures and for the most part I’ve been very unhappy with the end result. So last night was a huge and final test for the camera. I love my night shots, so this was a chance to really test if it was my eyes or my camera.

Wine & Jazz 024Now I know my eyes are bad, but my camera is just no longer taking the awesome pictures and no matter what I did last night all the pictures I took just look lame. This really sucks for me because my pictures have become such a huge part of what I do for those who read my blog, they are a major part of my blogs. They help me to paint the picture of what I am talking about.

For now my pictures will only be for my my community work and no longer for picture safari’s or anything like this will simply have to wait until I am able to purchase a new camera.Wine & Jazz 033